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Fasep Tire Changer RASE.TOP.2132 User Manual.pdf

Super Automatic Leverless up to 27"
RASE.TOP.2132 is a super automatic tire changer, designed for tire specialists, needful for oversize and racing tires.

RASE.TOP.2132 encloses the simplicity and practicality of traditional tire changers with practicality of use on Run-Flat tires of new machine with Leverless, with reasonable cost.

27" Turntable.
The tyre changer is equipped with a heavy-duty self-centering turntable. The octagonal shaped turntable can lock rims up to 27".

Tilt-back mounting arm
The oversized mounting arms tilts back pneumatically by pedal control. Operation is made easy with tilt-back mounting arm as it can be fully operated hands-free.
Mounting head with 3-position pneumatic control.

Low profile mounting head, especially designed to operate on low profile tires. Mounting head is pneumatically controlled: 3-positions pneumatic control allows lift, descent and lock. The lock position simultaneously adjust mounting head with both vertical and horizontal clearance (height and diameter) from the rim.

Leverless tool.
Leverless tool with low profile, contains special Teflon inserts to protect alloy rims. The Leverless mounting head allows to not use traditional lever, guaranteed to not damage the wheels, minimize the effort and have the maximum ease of operation

2-speed motor.
The tyre changer is equipped with a 2-speed bi-directional motor (3Ph version only) foot operated.

Bead Breaker.
Oversized pneumatic bead breaker with double-effect cylinder and with 2 working positions.

Special accessories for Run-on-Flat tires.
Device PRESS / HELP TOP to ease mounting and demounting of low profile tires, with functions bead double device and bead raises with automatic positioning.

Pedal-controlled inflator (option)
The tire changer can be equipped with pedal controlled inflation.
Built-in roller pad (option).
The tire changer can be equipped with a built-in roller pad to ease bead-breaking operations.

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