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Italy Fasep VCO-K Wheel Aligner

VCO-K-User manual.pdf

Videologic CONCEPT-K. True Italian style.

The new design of VCO-K shows the many changes in all technology behind it.
The new style where everything you need has it own place: sensors stored on own battery charger, PC and printer well protected, clamps easily stored away with extra adapters.
A modern and elegant design to fit a unique mix of high-tech of a professional wheel aligner with a perfect Italian design.

Technologically advanced.
Designed for Windows.XP, WinLOGIC technology runs under Microsoft Windows OS. The user easily controls all functions through Winlogic software, with the use of the graphics and icons, and using the wheel aligner is absolutely intuitive.
The PC can be easy upgraded and maintained, as Microsoft Windows is well know by any software technician.
The software can be easily updated: you can always take advantage of our continuous technical developments and make sure your product is never outdated!

Graphics: 19" SVGA with user-friendly, easy to read and understand, at the same time so detailed to give control all functions on line in very easy way. See here some Winlogic sample screenshots.

Clamps: the well known FASEP self centering syncro-clampers with no need for Run-out compensation, with further improvements to allow easy clamping on Alu rims equipped with tires featured with rim protection. The aligner can also be equipped with the newest Contact clamps where working time can be dramatically reduced.

Accessories: a complete set of accessories to fit all needs and to custom-tailor to get the best performances.

Electronic Turntables: easy and fast Caster Swing and accurate Toe-Out-on-Turns measurements with Electronic Turntables included in the standard set of accessories.
Electronic Turntables are provided as a standard.
(This may differ from country to country).

Standard Accessories (Please Click to view)

Optional Accessories (Please click to view)


Technical Data:

Power Source 


Power Requirement

Max 500W

Wheel Diameter

Cars: 10"-21"        Trucks: 17"- 26"

Measuring Range

Total toe      ±10°
Single toe    ±5°   
Camber       ±12° 
Caster         ±30°    
Lock angle   ±40°

Computer (PC specs can be changed subject to market availability of components)

CPU 1.5 GHz or higher
256 MB Ram or higher
500 MB free space
Windows XP (professional)
Windows 7 Home
Windows 7 Professional


SVGA 15-17-19" depends upon model 

External Interface



over 9500models,  updated  on yearly  basis and available for downloading from this site see specification of Databank 

Database Capacity

1.000.000 models 


See list of languages available

Charging Time (from fully discharged)

10 hours

Battery Power Reserve

30 hours

Max Weight on Turntables

Car's light duty: 600 Kg.
Car's heavy duty: 1000 Kg.
Truck's heavy duty: 3500 Kg.

Measuring Accuracy

0.01' / 0.1mm

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