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FASEP Tire Changer RASE2015

RASE.2015 User Manual.pdf

RASE.2015. Super-automatic up to 22"
It is a super automatic tire changer for Passenger Car and Motorcycle Wheels with rims up to 22", especially designed to operate on big rims and low-profile tires. Optionally it can be equipped with bigger turntable (24") and special devices for low profile - run flat tires.

22" Turntable.
The tyre changer is equipped with a heavy-duty self-centering turntable. The octagonal shaped turntable can lock rims up to 22".
Optionally a heavy duty turntable 12-24" is available.

Tilt-back mounting arm
The oversized mounting arms tilts back pneumatically by pedal control. Operation is made easy with tilt-back mounting arm as it can be fully operated hands-free.

Mounting head with 3-position pneumatic control.
Low profile mounting head, especially designed to operate on low profile tires. Mounting head is pneumatically controlled: 3-positions pneumatic control allows lift, descent and lock. The lock position simultaneously adjust mounting head with both vertical and horizontal clearance (height and diameter) from the rim.
Mounting head is also pneumatically lifted.
Other mounting
heads and a quick adapter are available as accessories.

Low profile mounting head. 
Specially designed to operate on low profile tires, the mounting head is equipped with special Teflon inserts to protect alloy rims against accidental scratches.

2-speed motor.
The tyre changer is equipped with a 2-speed bi-directional motor (3Ph version only) with speed selector.

Bead Breaker.
Powerful pneumatic bead breaker with single-effect cylinder with return spring and stroke adjuster.

Special accessories for Run-on-Flat tires.
Optionally, the tire changer can be equipped with
HELP and PRESS devices to ease mounting and demounting of low profile tires.

Pedal-controlled inflator (option)
The tire changer can be equipped with
pedal controlled inflation.

Built-in roller pad (option).
The tire changer can be equipped with a built-in roller pad to ease bead-breaking operations.

Standard Accessories (Please Click to view)

Optional Accessories (Please click to view)

Technical Data:

Power Source  230-400V 50-60 Hz 3Ph
230V 50Hz 1Ph
230V 60Hz 1Ph
Motor Power  1-1,5 Hp
0,74-1,10 Kw
Power Requirement  1000 Watt 
Rotation Speed  3Ph - 2 speed: 6-12 RPM
1Ph - 1 speed: 6 RPM

Rim Diameter (external clamping)

10" - 20" (opt 12-22")

Rim Diameter (internal clamping) 

12" - 22" (opt 14-24")
Adjustable Clamps  No 

Wheel Diameter (max) 

39" (1000 mm)

Rim Width (max) 

14" (360 mm) 

Bead Breaker Force (at 10 bar) 

2500 Kg 
Bead Breaker Type   simple-effect
Operating Pressure  8-10 bar (110-145 psi) 
Torque  110 kgm
Intake Pressure (limiting device max.) 10 bar (145 psi)

Inflating Pressure (limiting device max.)

3,5 bar (50 psi)
Safety Valve on Inflating Device  4 bar (60 psi)
Noise < 70 dB (A)


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