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Wheel Alignment ML-9096-BT

Key Benefits

●  Front wheel alignment

●  Standard Bluetooth communication system

●  CCD measuring system

●  Electronic level indicator

●  With vehicle animation prompt directing operator to work

●  With high quality self-centered clamps

●  With level steering wheel program

●  Lenovo computer



● With 8-beam infrared CCD wireless measuring system, Hi-frequency (blue tooth)radio communication, realize hi-speed measurement and adjustment.

● With computer installed window2000/XP system, HP or equally qualified color jetting printer.

●  Sensor arms have electronic level indicator.

2 or 4 sensor arms can be used to do front wheel alignment or four wheel alignment.

●  With vehicle animation prompt directing operators to do work.

●  With vehicle database more than 20,000 vehicle types. With customer resource management (CRM) function and adding a new vehicle datum function.

● CCD measuring front wheel’s turning angle, makes the measurement very accurate and reliable, and very easy to do.

●  With electronic turn-table for maxing turning angles measurement.



●  Dimensions ( D x H x L)920mm X 1600mm X 850 approx

●  Max. Distance sensor arms/central unit : 10m

●  Power supply to sensor arms: 6Vdc

●  Power supply to chargers: 230v / 60Hz

●  Net weight: 112KG

●  Operation temp.: 0 ~40

●  RH: 90%

●  Normal Volt: 110~220V/50~60Hz

●  Normal current: 6A

●  Cabinet color: red / yellow / blue optional


Technical Data:



Measuring Accuracy

Measuring Range













Set Back



Thrust Angle



Max. Turning Angle



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